We love Edmonton! We love the festivals, the river valley, the Legislative Grounds, the Valley Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park, coffee houses, and everything in-between. Heck, we even love our sport teams.

We love our city so much that we want to make it even better one yarn bomb atta time. Thats right, you heard us yarn bomb knit graffiti fibre installations. Whatever you want to call it its about creating beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy. Its not about destruction (for there is far too much of that in this world) its about joy!

A yarn bomb large or small can pop up anywhere. When you see one may it bring a smile to your face and lighten your step.

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One thought on “About”

  1. Someone left knitted hearts on a temporary fence by the river on Valentine’s Day 2011. Was very ‘HEARTENING’; I smiled every time I saw them & I walked by daily. Thanks w flowers. .

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